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869,283 households targeted in the mass distribution of Nets in Migori

869,283 households targeted in the mass distribution of Nets in Migori


Thursday, March 14, 2024,

KNA by Geoffrey Makokha

Migori County has embarked on a journey to distribute mosquito nets to 869,283 households across the 40 wards to eradicate malaria in the county.

Migori County Secretary Oscar Olima who represented Migori Governor Ochilo Ayacko in the launching of the Mass Net Distribution at the Migori Referral Hospital said that programme was a collaborative effort between the National Government and the Migori County Government to curb malaria transmission and enhance community health.

He said that the health department will continue to educate the public on the importance of net usage through campaigns to help fight malaria in the county.

Olima encouraged the County residents to collect their nets as notified via text message in their designated Wards by carrying their identification Cards for verification purposes.

The official also pointed out that the County was committed to ensuring a healthier population that would be productive in safeguarding the social and economic development of the County.

Migori County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Health Julius Nyerere said that even though the Child mortality rate due to Malaria has been decreasing in recent years, the distribution of nets is a significant step towards risk reduction especially for children below age five.

Nyerere called upon the county population especially those with children below the age of five to take up the initiative of collecting their nets to prevent Malaria.

The official also urged the residents to seek medication at their health centres instead of seeking off-the-counter medication without a proper disease diagnosis.

Courtesy; KNA

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