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Agriculture officer urges farmers to prioritise safe pest control practices

Agriculture officer urges farmers to prioritise safe pest control practices


Saturday May 11, 2024

KNA by Kamanja Maeria

In a bid to safeguard both human health and the environment, farmers in Igembe have urged to turn to safe pest control methods to minimise the risk posed by use of chemical pesticides.

With a growing concern over detrimental effects of some hazardous and toxic chemicals which pose risk to the ecosystem and human health

The Igembe south Agriculture Officer Jeremiah Mithika has issued a stern advisory to farmers to consider using eco-friendly pest control methods to foster sustainable agriculture.

Mithika urged farmers to turn to traditional methods of pest control that aids in maintaining ecosystem balance.

The officer cited some cultural practices like crop rotation, intercropping, handpicking and introducing natural predators like birds and bats to minimise harm caused by chemicals on beneficial insects for instance bees which helps in crop pollination.

He further noted that in order to promote agriculture sustainability, there is a need to prioritise and adopt eco-friendly methods of controlling pests.

He further lamented over the grave effects caused by unsafe pest control products including contaminating water sources, food substances and killing soil microorganism which are very essential in promoting soil aeration and supplying nutrients to plants.

” Some of these chemicals are not only harmful to our environment but also cause severe health implications including respiratory illness, cancer among other chronic illnesses,” said the officer.

Noting that even low levels of exposure to chemicals have adverse effects specifically on pregnant women, individuals with compromised immune systems and children.

Mithika further warned farmers against neglecting the stipulated intervals between spraying crops and harvesting saying failure to adhere to those guidelines may pose great threat to the health of the consumers.

“Farmers need to exercise caution and adhere strictly to recommended guidelines when applying pest control products to avoid jeopardising the safety of consumers,”

He emphasised adding that his office is fully committed to educating members of the public on modern and healthy farming methods to foster a resilient and sustainable agricultural system.

Courtesy of KNA

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