Azziad Nasenya responds to her alleged leaked x-rated video

Azziad Nasenya responds to her alleged leaked x-rated video

By Joshua Cheloti

Popular Kenyan content creator Azziad Nasenya has come out to put things straight following alleged video of her that has been doing rounds on social media.

Some social media users have for the last few days been sharing an x-rated video, claiming it was of Azziad.

The video has however created mixed reactions with some saying it is only that the lady has some resemblance with the content creator – but it’s not her.

Others were however buying into the idea that it was indeed her.

But to clear things up, Azziad Nasenya now says it is not her in the said video.

In a short video shared on her verified Twitter handle, the content creator and Radio Presenter further asked haters not to meddle in her business.

She also thanked her online family for coming to her defence when word about her alleged leaked nudes started spreading.

“I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to bust your bubble that that’s not me,” Azziad said in part of the video.

“And I’m grateful to my online family for just coming through and just saying that’s not me, because they know my tag,” she added.

But even as she distanced herself from the video, Azziad also used the opportunity to urge Kenyans not to allow themselves to be enablers of cyber bullying.

She said netizens should be focusing on things that make them better, and not bullying others.

“We shouldn’t be in the business of creating false information around such topics because you’re being an enabler to cyber bullying which is not cool. You should be rejoicing in things that make you a better individual,” Azziad said.

Azziad Nasenya is today rated among the most influential content creators. She was listed among the top Kenyan Tik-tokers in 2022.

Her growing social media influence has over the last few years earned her multi-million commercial deals and ambassadorial roles.


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