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Bahati and Diana Marua Urge Netflix to Expand Accessibility of Their Show Globally

Bahati and Diana Marua Urge Netflix to Expand Accessibility of Their Show Globally

By Jehoshaphat Kanyoro Njaro

Kenyan musical couple Bahati and Diana Marua have made a public plea to Netflix, urging the streaming giant to make their reality show “The Bahatis’ Empire” available to viewers worldwide.

Currently, the show is only accessible to audiences within Africa, leaving fans outside the continent unable to watch.

In a series of Instagram posts, Bahati and Diana expressed their frustration over the geographic restrictions.

Bahati shared that their social media and direct messages have been inundated with complaints from international fans who are eager to stream the show.

He emphasized the need for Netflix to consider the global demand and support for their show, highlighting the importance of making it accessible to their followers around the world.

Diana Marua echoed these sentiments, noting that their diaspora fans are particularly affected. She called on Netflix to enable the show’s availability globally, allowing fans from all regions to connect and enjoy the content.

Diana also encouraged their global fanbase, known as Dee Nation, to tag Netflix in their comments and posts to draw attention to the issue.

The couple’s appeal has garnered significant attention, with many fans expressing disappointment over the current limitations and supporting the call for wider accessibility.

One user lamented, “So sad The Bahatis Empire is not aired in the UK on Netflix; we really waited for this.”

“The Bahatis Empire” offers a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of Bahati and Diana, along with their children, providing an intimate look at their family dynamics and daily experiences. The show has quickly gained popularity in Africa, and the couple hopes to replicate this success on a global scale.

As the couple continues to advocate for their show, it remains to be seen whether Netflix will respond to the growing demand from international viewers. For now, fans outside Africa will have to wait in anticipation for a potential expansion of “The Bahatis Empire” on the streaming platform.

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