Boosting incomes, and nutrition through livestock donations

Boosting incomes, and nutrition through livestock donations


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

KNA by Hussein Abdullahi

Kwale County government has facilitated grassroots donations of 48 dairy cows and 126 gala goats to small-scale farmers to alleviate hunger and poverty in the communities.

The Kwale County initiative is a rural-based development program to steadily reduce poverty among area residents and promote socio-economic development.

By giving the farm animals, the county seeks to provide access to foods like milk and also provide a source of regular income to reduce poverty and further improve nutrition among the beneficiaries.

Area Governor Fatuma Achani who has launched the donations says the livestock transfer program was a life-changing experience that seeks to significantly increase people’s incomes.

Hope and joy abound after farmers in Ukunda, Bongwe/Gombato, Pongwe/ Kikoneni, Dzombo, and Kubo South administrative wards received the cows and goats.

During the launch of the livestock donation program, Achani was accompanied by her Deputy Chirema Kombo, and the County Executive Committee member for Agriculture Roman Shera.

She said the livestock donations can generate food and economic security for families in need, noting that the devolved unit was on a mission to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable manner.

“Through this program, the county government is dedicated to helping our small-scale farmers improve their breeds for higher milk production, hence improving their livelihoods,” she said.

She noted that ending poverty begins with agriculture which was a priority area for the coastal county government.

 Achani said the program to distribute the high-breed cows and goats has the goal to reduce malnutrition and provide additional income for poor rural households.

She says improving the productivity of the agricultural sector is usually seen as one of the most important means of poverty alleviation.

Addressing the beneficiaries, Achani noted that the devolved government was dedicated to improving the livelihoods of the residents through service delivery in agriculture and livestock keeping and rearing.

The county boss asked the recipients to take good care of the animals and further warned against selling or slaughtering them as long as they were productive.

She said the beneficiaries are expected to pass on the first female offspring of gifted animals to others in their communities, noting that the whole idea is to enhance food security across the board.

“As a devolved government we will continue to provide livestock and expertise to local farmers so that they can feed their families and end poverty in their communities,” said Achani.

She said fresh milk deliveries are making nutritious food available to families and putting more money in small-scale dairy farmer households.

The latest distribution of cows and goats follows that of high-breed bucks (male goats) and bulls to local livestock keepers to help them improve their animal breeds.

The county government has so far distributed a total of 550 bucks and 30 pedigree bulls that can withstand harsh climatic conditions issued to farmers across 10 administrative wards.

The move is part of the county government’s agenda to continuously improve the breeding of cattle, goats, and sheep in the region.

 Achani says her administration is committed to making sure livestock farming is prospering in the area.

The governor noted that the dairy cows and gala goats’ donation was one of the agricultural value chain programs, aimed at increasing livestock productivity and profitability in the region.


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