Boy child! We are on our own.

Boy child! We are on our own.

By Ryan Kanchuel

In recent times the rise of the number of women, being given opportunities is raising.

Which is a good thing in the fight for gender equality and giving more women chance.

The fight started a long time but recently it has seen a huge impact and success in their fight.

However, as this fight for equality continues the boy child’s chance of being given equal chance is slowly fading.

Most corporates and big companies are now advocating for the communities’ awareness of bringing more women to the table for elbow room.

But what does this mean to the other gender of men, I’m not trying to be misogynist but the boy child at the moment is being looked upon.

Speaking with a few men and to get their views about this topic I had to go underwater so I can bring factual first-hand information from them.

And had to conduct a little survey on the question.

The question is, “do they feel women are being given more probabilities?”.

And here is what they had to say; it is true that our right as men is being threatened that is per James added that by rights, he meant that on a lot of decision between a man and a woman the woman is being trusted more than men.

Julius differs from James and says that ‘for long-time men have been the alpha factor and I think is time to bring the motherly love to be the controller, as women who have been given the room have shown what they are capable of doing.’

Nonetheless, Peter had a different suggestion and differed from both individuals; by saying that, a ‘new model should be used to ensure that, both genders can cohabitate freely without oppressing one another in daily tasks.’

Therefore, bringing more examples on why there should be a need to also bring the boy child to the table.

When a girl leaves home to go somewhere the parents are usually concerned and ask them, whom they are going to see, where they are meeting, what activity they will be engaging in, and at what time they will be back, compared to when a boy decides to go out, he is not being asked any questions.

Through this and other scenarios, it’s time to talk to men too.

As there is a large number of men out here who are depressed, oppressed, and segregated and are battling all this on their own.

Because society has put the mentality of men can battle anything on their own.

This perspective should change before it gets out of hand.


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