CCU Call for peaceful protests

CCU Call for peaceful protests


Saturday April 1,2023


By Anne Kangero

Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) has expressed concern over the current political state of the country and wants the rule of law to be respected and voices of the masses heard.

Speaking to the press on Friday at Kyaka Hotel in Machakos, the secretary general of CCU Philippe Sadjah said that as CCU, they believe in a Kenya that is peaceful, prosperous and with equality.

“We want a Kenya where every citizen can live in dignity, and where all communities can coexist harmoniously, the rule of law is respected, and where corruption is a thing of the past,” said Sadjah.

Sadjah added that the current political situation in the country cannot be tolerated and that urgent action is needed to address issues that continue to undermine democracy, the economy and social fabric.

 “We call for dialogue between the Government and the opposition on key issues that affect Kenyans, such as the high cost of living, Corruption, and governance,” said Sadjah.

The CCU Secretary General further noted that the electoral and governance systems need to be re-looked and audited to stop the perpetual political fights that have taken shape of an election cycle.

“The electoral process must be transparent, credible, and inclusive, and the governance system to be responsive to the needs of the people,” pointed out Sadjah.

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