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Clergies call on Kenyans to exercise caution as the country continues to experience floods

Clergies call on Kenyans to exercise caution as the country continues to experience floods


Friday, May 3, 2024,

KNA by Geoffrey Makokha

Presiding Bishop and President of the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) Church Kenya, Bishop John Okinda, has urged Kenyans to remain vigilant during the current rainy season that has resulted in several deaths due to flooding.

Speaking from his home village at Ragana, Suna West Sub-County in Migori County, Bishop Okinda expressed concern over the devastating impact of the floods and encouraged both the government and the public to take preventive measures.

Okinda who was recently re-elected as Presiding Bishop and President of PEFA Church Kenya, emphasised the need for caution when crossing flooded areas and urged the government to take steps to manage the floodwaters to prevent further tragedies.

The clergy also called on churches to offer support to those affected by the floods, asking Kenyans to stand together to support victims and their families.

Bishop Dan Rangili echoed the sentiments, emphasising the importance of community solidarity in supporting those who have lost loved ones or sustained injuries due to the flooding.

He encouraged Kenyans to exercise caution and work together to mitigate the risks posed by the heavy rains.

Migori County has also been affected by the raging floods, especially in Nyatike Sub County where various homes, beaches and schools have been partially submerged in the water.

According to the Migori Red Cross Situational Report of April 26, flooding has affected numerous communities, including Nyora, Aneko, Modi, Angugo, Kabuto, Makongeni and Gingo villages forcing residents to evacuate their homes and seek shelter in safer areas within their communities.

Courtesy; KNA

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