Cooking oil brands suspended over quality concerns

Cooking oil brands suspended over quality concerns

By Peter Ochieng

Rina and Fry Mate are among 10 cooking oil and fat brands suspended by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), over quality concerns.

KEBS in a letter addressed to Retail Traders Association of Kenya (RETRAK) leadership said the 10 brands of edible oil and fats have been suspended, not banned, for failing to fulfil the acceptable health standards.

Besides the aforementioned, the others suspended are Bahari Fry, Fresh Fri, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil, Gold and Pure Olive Gold, Postman, Salit, Tilly and Top Fry.

The letter signed by KEBS Director for Market Surveillance Peter Kaigwara, reads in part:

“Kindly note that this is not a ban on the brands but a temporary suspension to allow the manufacturers of the non-compliant brands to initiate and put in place effective corrective action under KEGS supervision to ensure that the non-compliant brands comply with the requirements of the respective Kenya Standards and Standards Act Cap 496, Laws of Kenya before being allowed back into the market.”

“The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the below-listed brands of non-compliant edible oils and fats that failed to meet the requirements of the standard and to request your good office to notify your members to recall these brands and remove them from the supply chain from your members’ outlets across the country,” adds the letter.

It is not clear when oil products from suspended brands are expected back on the shelves.

They are among the majority of brands consumed in Kenyan homesteads on a daily basis.


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