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County launches campaign for uptake of health cover for informal sector

County launches campaign for uptake of health cover for informal sector


Wednesday May 15 2024,

KNA by Jane Ngugi

The County Government of Nakuru has launched a campaign to increase uptake of insurance cover by Kenyans working in the informal sector.

The devolved unit is conducting a two-day training for over 40 trainers to enhance health insurance coverage within the informal sector through existing Cooperatives.

County Executive Committee Member (CECM) in charge of Health Ms Roselyn Mungai said the training is designed to increase registration of workers from the informal sector in a bid to ensure universal health coverage to every Kenyan.

“This training has kicked off with the support of the USAID Health-E-Quality Kenya Program to improve the quality of health services. It aims to equip and empower the beneficiaries with the knowledge needed to expand health insurance coverage in Nakuru,” stated Ms Mungai.

According to the CECM the trainers have been selected from Health Services, Gender and Social Services, and Trade and Cooperatives departments.

They are expected to train over 4,000 champions across the 600 Cooperatives currently operating in Nakuru on the importance of taking insurance cover.

She noted that availability of universal healthcare for all Kenyans will make it easy for the poor to access quality health care as the medical bills would be catered for by the insurance cover.

Ms Mungai further indicated that the primary role of insurance is to protect individuals and businesses against risks and that insurance helps in mitigating the uncertainties of life.

She stated that the informal sector comprises of a vital pillar of Kenya’s economy, adding that it is a significant driver of livelihoods and jobs thus contributing to poverty eradication and financial inclusion.

Ms Mungai expressed concern that workers in the country’s informal sector were largely being bypassed by the benefits of Kenya’s public health insurance system.

However, she indicated that most informal sector workers did not have health insurance cover jeopardizing their ability to make a claim in case of an illness.

The CECM observed that individuals without medical insurance find themselves in a precarious position when they or a family member fall ill adding that many households have been pushed into poverty after meeting health care costs from their pockets.

She said that health financing is key in the implementation of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at a time when Kenya is spending more resources on curative services.

Moreover, Ms Mungai observed that all Kenyans should access quality care, regardless of their financial status.

“Heath financing is key in achieving UHC. Bringing on board the informal sector come in as a strategic pulling of healthcare service,” said the CECM.

Courtesy; KNA

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