County Peace Committee calls for political talks

County Peace Committee calls for political talks

Trans Mara

Thursday 30th March 2023


By Isaiah Nayika


As trumpets for national political dialogue get louder, Narok County Peace Committee has joined the tune.

Led by the Chairperson Julius Ole Maki, the committee has challenged the country’s top political leadership to convene urgently with an aim of ending the current political impasse which it said can plunge the country into unprecedented political turmoil.

Ole Maki said time for chest thumping politics is long gone and urged the two wings of the country’s political divide to put aside their interests and avoid firm stands for the sake of the common man.

“Going by what is currently happening in the country, I can say we are headed back to where we were in 2007 after the general election,” he said.

“As a nation I thought we had picked lessons from that but it looks like our leaders didn’t learn a thing. I urge any peace loving Kenyan who doesn’t want to see the Country burn to call out our leaders,” he said.

Ole Maki asked President Dr. William Ruto to accept meeting the opposition leadership for talks which will iron out the differences, as he also challenged Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Alliance Leader Raila Odinga to call off the weekly demos.

“It is evident the country is still bleeding from the economic hardships brought about by COVID-19 and other external factors but we are also in agreement that the living standards have skyrocketed,” he said.

Picketing as constitutionally enshrined, is one way of announcing displeasure but when it turns out people losing their property and life, it is something else. Let’s stop the demos and talk,” he urged.


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