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County, Turkana Girl Child Network Organisation to plant 1.2 million trees annually

County, Turkana Girl Child Network Organisation to plant 1.2 million trees annually


Friday, April 12, 2024

KNA by Peter Gitonga

Turkana County Government and the Turkana Girl Child Network Organisation (TGNO) have joined hands in a long-term tree planting plan towards making Turkana greener.

The partnership was announced following a meeting between the County Executive for Tourism, Culture, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Elizabeth Loote, and the organisation’s representatives.

“We intend to plant 1.2 million trees every year to change the environmental outlook of Turkana and comply with the international requirements on carbon credit control. The partnership with the community-based organisation will facilitate the goal by creating a platform to drive the tree planting agenda,” Loote said.

The CECM emphasised the County’s readiness to leverage on partners’ support in mobilising the public to take up tree planting as a personal and community responsibility.

“This partnership highlights a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and empowering youth through practical initiatives,” noted Loote.

The Project Director, Joel Ndambuki, elaborated the organisation’s ‘Greening Youth 360 Project Overview’ was to be implemented in Turkana County.

He highlighted that the project’s goal is to promote the quality of life for girls, with key areas of focus including education, health, nutrition, and many more.

Chief Officer for Energy and Petroleum, Triza Amoni, commended one of the project’s initiatives in supporting youth with disabilities and working closely with public primary and secondary schools to equip the youth with greening skills.

The meeting was attended by senior officers from Energy and Petroleum, Natural Resources, Minerals Resources and Climate Change directorates

Courtesy; KNA

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