CS Mutua: Kenyans are brewing chang’aa in foreign Countries

CS Mutua: Kenyans are brewing chang’aa in foreign Countries

By Peter Ochieng

Kenyans are known to be adventurous people, literally spread in all corners of the world for jobs and business ventures.

However, some of them are engaging in illegal undertakings in foreign countries, a cause of alarm for Alfred Mutua, Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs.

While appearing on Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) Show on Wednesday night, Mutua said it breaks his heart that some Kenyans are brewing chang’aa – a local brew, in some Arab countries such as Qatar where even consumption of alcohol has been banned.

“Do you know there are Kenyans brewing chang’aa in some of these Countries? It breaks my heart that we are here debating about getting Kenyans there while there are Kenyans there with chang’aa dens, selling chang’aa to other Africans; an illegality of illegality in a Muslim Country,” the former Machakos County governor said.

He said such ventures give Kenya a bad name abroad, besides weakening the Kenyan passport.

“We can be creative in other sectors. Kenyans are dying; some of them are losing their sight due to chang’aa. The things they do here, they are doing there. That weakens our passport; that weakens our bargaining point.”

Mutua said such Kenyans risk being rounded up and deported. “You know you get rounded up and deported, we will welcome you here. If you are convicted there we will say let them come and go to Kamiti, because chang’aa is illegal also here. It is creative but we can be creative in other ways.”

The former government spokesman said President William Ruto’s administration cares about all Kenyans wherever they are, urging those out of the country to refrain from engaging in illegal activities.

“Now we have a government that is saying all of us are Kenyans. It doesn’t matter where you were born, it doesn’t matter who your father or mother is. We are here for you and this government is willing to work for you,” insisted Mutua.

He is among few former governors serving in Ruto’s administration as Cabinet Secretaries.


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