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Dairy Farmers Urged to Plan and Store Ample Grass for Dry Season Benefits

Dairy Farmers Urged to Plan and Store Ample Grass for Dry Season Benefits


Saturday, May 25, 2024

KNA by Rennish Okong’o

In a timely advisory, Willy Korir, a member of Kibigos Milk Plant, representing the Kaparmagai-Kaplain area, has emphasized the critical need for dairy farmers to prepare for the dry season by stockpiling enough grass for their cows.

Korir, who himself practices zero grazing, underscored the tendency among dairy farmers to overlook the challenges of feeding their cows during the dry season, buoyed by the abundance of animal feed during the rainy months.

“During this rainy season, many dairy farmers forget what they normally go through during the dry season trying to fully feed their cows in vain, because there is plenty of animals feed everywhere,” remarked Korir.

He urged every dairy farmer to seize the opportunity presented by the current rainy season to plant and store adequate animal feed.

“By doing so, they would alleviate the struggles associated with feeding their cows during the dry season, which typically spans from December to April resources are scarce,” Korir emphasized.

In addition to the individual efforts of farmers, Korir called upon the County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet to allocate a specific portion of its budget for the fiscal year towards raising awareness about the benefits of zero grazing.

He believes that such initiatives are crucial for helping residents realize the advantages of zero grazing over other forms of agriculture.

“Allocating funds for the sensitization of the importance of zero grazing will go a long way in empowering dairy farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices,” he asserted.

The call to action comes at a crucial time, as weather patterns in the region are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

By taking steps now to secure their livestock feed, farmers can mitigate the adverse effects of future dry seasons and ensure the sustainability of their dairy farming operations

Courtesy; KNA

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