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Dams drained to Avoid Disaster in Nakuru county

Dams drained to Avoid Disaster in Nakuru county


Friday May 3, 2024

KNA by Veronica Bosibori

Nakuru County has today commenced the draining of Moricho Dam in Visoi Ward, Rongai Sub-County, to reduce the potential of the dam overflowing, which could result in the damage to properties and loss of life due to the heavy rains and the overflow from Baringo hills.

This decision comes as the dam which is a source of water for farmers, pastoralists and residents across Rongai Sub-County, reached its full capacity due to the recent heavy downpours experienced throughout the country.

According to the Rongai Sub county Water Officer Paul Muhuhe the resolution underscores the implementation of precautionary measures against flood-related disasters as recently witnessed in Mai Mahiu.

Muhuhe said Similar inspections and necessary interventions have been carried out at other dams, including Nyenda and Kwa Njane in Turi Ward, Molo Sub- County, as well as Tuyotich Dam in Rongai, which are also undergoing spillway enhancements.

Additionally, he said the County will continue draining other dams at risk of overflowing to mitigate possible disasters and prevent any damage to properties and loss of lives.

The dams which are spread all over pastoralists areas are likely to turn into calamities since most of the times they are not maintained and a number of them are full of siltation.

A pastoralist from the area, Peter Rotich said the life of herders is always at the mercy of nature, since during droughts they lose livestock due to lack of pasture while floods make the animals sick and expensive to treat, and young ones get carried away by storm water.

Courtesy; KNA

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