• April 15, 2024
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DCI Sleuths Recover Weapons & Drugs in Morning Raid

Police officers in Isiolo County conducted an early morning raid in the Garbatulla area where they recovered firearms, ammunition and apprehended two suspects.

According to the DCI page, three AK-47 assault rifles, one Mark4 rifle,203rounds of 7.62x39mm special caliber and nine AK-47 magazines were recovered during the 5 am raid.

The recovery of the deadly weapons came after police officers acting on a tip off raided a house in the outskirts of Kinna town early in the morning.

Ammunition recovered by Police in Garbatulla, Isiolo County on October 1, 2021. |Courtesy| Twitter|

The police also recovers 6 stones of cannabis sativa and two numberless motorcycles. The motorcycles are suspected to be the means of transport used by the suspects.

Two suspects were also ambushed and arrested during the raid. Abdi Guyo 35,and Amina Mohammed,30, are currently being interrogated by detectives in that area.

Judging by the size of the arsenal recovered by the detectives, it can be presumed the suspects were planning an attack.

The DCI and other law enforcement agencies have in the recent past and are continuing to step up the fight against insecurity and terrorism in the country.

The DCI continues to appeal to Kenyans to be the first line of their own defence by alerting law enforcement about any suspicious individuals or activities in their localities.

Through social media, the sleuths have continued to inform and educate members of the public on the need for peaceful coexistence and proper safety measures.

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