This has been a meeting of the Azimio leadership to deliberate further on the development since last Sunday.

The meeting reiterated our commitment to the envisaged dialogue between the parties.

It further reiterated our determination to see all our core issues on the table as follows:


  1. Addressing the cost of living. This meeting agreed that high cost of living is urgent and cant wait.
  2. Audit of servers. This meeting agreed that Auditing the 2022 election servers is necessary and urgent.
  3. Reform and reconstitution of the IEBC. This meeting agreed that electoral reforms are urgent and necessary for future elections
  4. Fidelity to the letter and spirit of multiparty democracy in parliament.


We also touched on  other areas including: Composition of the Bipartisan Committee, Implementation of the recommendations, and Involvement of leaders outside parliament.


It is the resolution of this meeting that a purely parliamentary process may not serve the intended ends. Our suggestion is to have a conversation at the national level through a process akin to the 2008 National Accord. To this end the coalition proposes a team drawn from its ranks both in Parliament and outside Bunge.


We emphasize that all the issues we have laid out in  Public carry equal weight to us although high cost of living must be addressed urgently. In this regard we resolved that the regime must take immediate steps to bring back the cost of unga to Kshs. 100 as at the time of the election. We further resolved that Kenya Kwanza must take immediate steps to lower the cost of fuel and put a freeze on the recent increase in cost of electricity. These are not matters for a committee.


Further we have resolved that the state must immediately take up the cost or waive all medical bills of the victims of police brutality including journalists, and the last expense costs of those who lost their lives.


Finally, we assure our people and Kenyans that our eyes are firmly on the ball, and  reiterate that we shall go back to the people as the earliest sign of lack of seriousness by the other side



 4th April, 2023


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