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Doctors reject government’s Sh2.4 billion offer to end strike


By Peter Ochieng

It is back to the drawing board for President William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration, after doctors rejected a Sh2.4 billion offer from the government to end the ongoing strike.

The strike has already clocked three weeks.

Head of Public Service and State House Chief of Staff Felix Koskei had on Tuesday announced that the Sh2.4 billion would allow for the posting of all eligible medical student interns, inviting those eligible to pick letters starting Thursday, this week.

He added that eligible medical workers would also receive grants and scholarships, for their postgraduate education.

However, hours later, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) turned down the Sh.2.4 billion offer.

KMPDU Secretary General (SG) Davji Atellah and Chairman Abi Mwachi declined the offer, arguing that the government had not fully honoured the the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

In a statement, Mwachi said that the CBA agreement should be fully honoured, adding that health workers should have their demands met in total compliance.

“We decline these proposals in total. We believe that genuine governments should honour their collective bargaining agreements,” wrote the chairman.

“The doctors of this country did nothing but believed in the promise of their government in 2017 where hence we ended a 100 days strike for the price of a promissory note. It is time to honour that promise respectfully.”

Atellah voiced support for his chairman, adding that they will only go back to work after their demands have sufficiently been met.

“We refuse to tolerate impunity! With unwavering determination, our resolve surges. United in purpose, our strike gains momentum, intensifying tenfold as we advance towards a healthcare system rooted in fairness and justice,” he stated.

Besides doctors, clinical officers are also on strike worsening the the already bad situation in public hospitals. The government’s efforts to end the strike are yet to bear fruit.

Patrick Amoth, Acting Director General in the Ministry of Health workers to suspend the strikes and get on negotiation table for amicable resolution of their grievances.

President William Ruto is yet to speak on the ongoing strike, at least publicly.

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