Doctors union issues warning to new governors

Doctors union issues warning to new governors

By Joshua Cheloti

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has cautioned newly sworn-in governors against intimidating health workers.

KMPDU in a statement posted on their social media pages lamented over what they described as PR stunts that some of the new governors have been engaged in.

“We observe the trend; Governors visit health centres & hospitals, parade health workers, decry poor state, intimidate health workers & all sorts of PR stunts. We will not stop you, but while at it make your contributions to the health care sector in your counties,” read part of the statement.

Several governors have been seen visiting county health facilities in what they say was assessing their status.

But according to the doctors union, the new county bosses should do more than just visit the facilities.

“We ask you to make those county hospitals your first point of call when you fall ill and not run for covers or to the city. Make healthcare work in your Counties BY HIRING & TRAINING DOCTORS Remit NHIF and other statutory deductions,” said KMPDU.

The union further pointed out that threats to health workers are outdated and that equipping and facilitating service delivery with adequate funding is what the governors should be focusing on.

They want the governors to ensure doctors and healthcare workers are paid on time.

When your terms come to an end remember you may wish you did better. Helicopters, Airstrips and Roads will not treat you,” KMDU cautioned governors.

Further, the union is asking the new governors to prioritize health as part of its populist projects.

It is also cautioning them against erecting expensive billboards, praising themselves on TV and newspaper adverts, setting up unnecessary offices, and buying new furniture and cars that may seem stylish.

“…know Kenyans loathe these because as you do it it’s at the expense of their health. When you fail to pay salaries & buy drugs all the while pointing fingers at doctors it is inhuman. INSTEAD, implement CBA & have structured engagement,” said KMPDU.


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