Elected leaders in Kakamega urged to stop bickering

Elected leaders in Kakamega urged to stop bickering


Tuesday, April 11, 2023


By Melchizedek Ejakait

Former Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has appealed to elected leaders in Kakamega County to shelve their political differences and serve residents.

Oparanya who was reacting to ongoing wrangles between his successor Fernandes Barasa and the Woman Member of Parliament Elsie Muhanda said each leader should stick to their constitutional mandate for the sake of development in the county.

He made the appeal yesterday at his Likuyani home after hosting a section of Kakamega Members of County Assembly.

He said, “It has come to my attention that there is a disagreement among our leaders more so between the Governor, the Woman Representative and a few Members of Parliament who are concerned about what is happening.

“I served my two terms faithfully, did what I could and handed over power to my successor. These squabbles do not help the county at all.

“The roles of each leader are properly spelt out. The roles of the Member of County Assembly, the Member of Parliament, the Senator, the Woman Representative and the Governor are known and are very distinct so I do not understand why there is infighting.”

Oparanya rubbished claims that he is part of the wrangling saying he is not involved at all.

“I want to state here categorically that I have no interest in Kakamega politics at all. My interest is only confined to the setup of the Orange Democratic Movement party as the deputy party leader hence if there are squabbles in my backyard  I get concerned.

“I would urge the leaders that the best way of solving the differences is sitting together and talking to each other so that you can understand the basis. Otherwise listening to different persons each with different intentions just to widen the wedge for their own benefit,” he stated.

Oparanya said elected leaders should be able to sit down and sort out their differences for the sake of Kakamega people as most of them belong to the ODM party.

He also dismissed as false reports that he wants to be Kakamega senator in 2027 saying he is now beyond the seat.

He said: “I want to state here categorically that I am not interested in being the senator anymore. My focus now is at the national level.

“Regarding the conflict, I do not support any faction and I have never had an opportunity to sit with them together to know the origin of their conflict.

“In any case if somebody wants to be a governor, an MP, a senator you cannot stop them. You just have to do your work and wait to appeal to the people to vote for you.”

He said the ODM party has not sanctioned any elections in the county hence the recent purported elections by one faction only served to escalate the conflict.

“There is a procedure of holding party elections. We shall not support kangaroo elections. Furthermore we are planning to have party elections next year. That is not far if anyone wants to vie for any position they will be free to do so,” he stated.

Last week Kakamega County Woman Representative Elsie Muhanda claimed her life is in danger after youths allegedly aligned to Governor Fernandes Barasa warned her against visiting Matungu Constituency.

Muhanda said she was elected to serve all residents across the county hence she won’t be cowed down by her detractors.

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