Ezekiel Mutua on Campaign music

Ezekiel Mutua on Campaign music

By Judy Jerono

Politicians who play music in their campaigns without a license have been warned.

Speaking to the press, the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua put a notice on politicians saying that this campaign season should be a high season for musicians because their music is being used.

He said politicians should clear with MCSK before using music for their campaigns failure to which legal action will be taken against the politicians who will be found playing the music without abiding by the rules.

“Wakati huu wa campaigns inatakikana kuwa wakati mzuri sana kwa wanamuziki kwa sababu nyimbo zao zinatumika. Hizo nyimbo zinazotumiwa zinatakiwa kuwa zimelipiwa license,” he said

The MCSK boss said that they have already given out invoices to politicians and that some of them have not paid the required amount of money for them to play music in public during their rallies.

“Wanasiasa wengi wamekuwa hawalipi. Tumewapatia invoice kwa maana tumepata hii utaratibu. Tutaenda kwao na yule hatakuwa amelipa kwa wakati ule umepeanwa sasa tutaanza kuwashika,” Mutua stated.

Mutua stated that it is unfair for politicians to use artistic compositions without paying for them.

He added that since the MCSK has a bilateral agreement with the international artists, the international music used by the politicians in public should be paid for.

Mutua called upon the Independent and Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman to intervene in the same saying that it is an integrity issue.


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