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Farmers urged to venture into aquaculture

Farmers urged to venture into aquaculture

Homa Bay,

Wednesday May 22, 2024

KNA by Davis Langat

Farmers in Homa Bay county have been urged to diversify production by venturing into fish farming. Homa Bay Deputy Governor Oyugi Magwanga said aquaculture was a lucrative venture which had not been fully exploited by the local farmers.

Speaking Tuesday at Kadongo market in Rachuonyo East Sub-county during the Annual Aquaculture Day, Magwanga said fish production is a lucrative economic activity which can transform the economy.

The Deputy Governor said that the county’s production of fish recorded an improvement from 23 tonnes in the year 2022 to 77 tonnes last year.

Magwanga was accompanied by County Executive Committee Member for Blue Economy John Angili and a specialist at Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP) Ruth Lewo.

The Deputy Governor who is also in charge of the county’s Agriculture and livestock development docket said the soils in Homa Bay County can support ponds in which fish can grow.

He said the 140 farmers who are currently engaged in aquaculture in the area through the support of the ABDP have greatly improved their livelihoods.

“I am encouraging our farmers to embrace fish farming as a business. Doing so will enable our people to put money in their pockets,” Magwanga said.

He said that the fish production will also provide white meat to households which was a healthier alternative to red meat.

Magwanga said fish is one of the most preferred protein sources for many people in the country.

“There are many people whose medical conditions bar them from eating red meat. But you will find that they eat fish. This explains the high demand for fish,” said Magwanga.

Lewo said they are supporting the call for farmers to curb unsustainable exploitation of Lake Victoria for fish.

“There is high demand for fish in this country. I encourage residents to venture in fish farming in large numbers,” Lewo said.

Dr Agili said it was regrettable that a fisherman was killed in a recent incident in which the fishermen were wrangling over fishing grounds in Lake Victoria. He said his department will ensure fishermen abide by fisheries regulations.

“Let our fishermen who produce fish through Lake Victoria avoid wrangles and follow the legal framework governing fishing,” Agili said.

Courtesy; KNA

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