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Festac festival postponed

Festac festival postponed

By Peter Ochieng

The 2024 edition of the FESTAC Africa festival has been postponed.

Kisumu was set to host the world blacks and Africa festival of arts and culture – Festac from May 20 to May, 26, 2024, with the current flooding situation having a hand in the postponement.

According to a statement jointly signed Philip Adundo, chairman, Festac Africa Kisumu steering committee, and Yinka Abioye, chairman, FESTAC Africa International, some of the venues earmarked for the event have been flooded.

“We however regret to announce that this festival has now been postponed due to aggravated and unpredictable weather conditions in Kisumu County and rest of Kenya, following heavy rainfall,” the statement reads in part.

“Safety on highways connecting the Capital city Nairobi with Kisumu and other Western Kenya towns have remained a source of grave concern because the floods continue to destroy bridges and wash away roads. Deadly landslides have been reported in many parts along the highways, putting the lives of travelers at risk. Some of the venues booked for Festac along the shores of Lake Victoria have been flooded, due to back flow from the lake, rendering them inaccessible.”

Preparations were in top gear with many delegates from across Africa and the world, confirming participation in the epic celebration of African heritage, culture and sports, which serves as a convergence point for diverse cultures.

Abioye and Adundo said as it stands, the county government of Kisumu is battling a serious humanitarian crisis after the floods displaced more than 15,000 people, and destroyed crops worth over Sh60 million in all the 8 Sub counties.

The festival has now been postponed to August, 2024.

“Having considered the magnitude of the festival and levels of risks linked to the bad weather conditions, as predicted by the meteorological department, the county leadership and the Festac organizing committee have resolved to postpone the festival to 25th August-1st September, 2024. All other arrangements, including the speakers, programs and guest lists remain the same,” they said.

They urged service providers, including Airlines and hotels that had booked in the delegates for the festival not to cancel the bookings but transfer them in-line with the new dates.

The Festac Africa festival is a celebration of African heritage, unity, and sustainable growth.

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