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Fish Company set to expand operations in Lake Victoria

Fish Company set to expand operations in Lake Victoria

Homa Bay,

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

KNA by Davis Langat

A fish caging company operating in Lake Victoria has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)with fishermen in Suba South in Homabay County with an aim of expanding fish production.

The Company operating under the brand name ‘Victory Farms’ is seeking to establish cages in seven new beaches in Suba South The Company’s Chief Development Officer, Ceaser Asiyo, said through the MOU, the Company would increase production and create more jobs.

He said the Company which has been operating at Rowo beach in Suba South was expected to expand operations by 50 percent.

Asiyo said the Company was expected to produce up to 150,000 tons annually from the current 100,000.

He said the new fishing territories included Kisegi, Litare, Jiu Dendi, Uterere and Nyagwadhi beaches.

Asiyo said cage fishing was the most cost effective method of increasing fish production.

“Cage fishing is the future of aquaculture as it ensures there is steady supply of the delicacy to the market,” he noted adding that cages ensured what is fished is of the right size and eliminated the need for fishermen to sail over long distances.

The Victory Farms Community Relations Coordinator, David Otieno, said they expected a symbiotic relationship between the Company and fishermen.

“We are also expanding other programmes, including aquaponics, where water used in fish breeding is also used to irrigate land for horticulture,” he said.

Suba Beach Management Unit Chairman, William Onditi, said the project was a boon for the youth as the Company would employ them in the new areas, where the cages were to be established.

“We also expect them to continue their Corporate Social Responsibility including building of schools and giving bursaries,” he said.

The Company is, however, facing challenges of floods at Riwa Special Economic Zone, where it plans to establish a fish processing plant.

Earlier in February this year, the government gave Victory Farms Founder, Joe Rehmann, a license to set up a processing plant at Riwa.

However, there were delays due to flooding, holding back the establishment of the factory.

Asiyo said he held a meeting with County officials last week, to discuss the situation.

“We have been given an assurance that dykes will be built to make the land habitable. The County government has promised to address the challenges,” he said.

He said for the company to grow, flooding at the special economic zone must be controlled.

Courtesy; KNA

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