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Fish traders elect new officials in Busia

Fish traders elect new officials in Busia

By Peter Ochieng

Fish traders at the Transshipment market in Busia County have elected five new officials.

Boniface Osongo is the new chairperson, taking over from the outgoing Francis Akech.

The women’s representative position went to Emily Okumu, while Hassan Omari was elected to fill the position of Men Representative.

The positions of Youth and People with a Disability went to Laurice Odero and Rubben Hayofu respectively.

Osongo, the new chairman in his acceptance speech pledged to enhance market operations, ensure fair trade practices, and foster growth opportunities for all traders.

The County Director for Trade and Markets Austin Ndege, noted that the successful conclusion of the elections heralds a new era for Busia fish traders.

“With a management team reflective of the market’s diverse community, there is optimism for collaborative efforts to drive positive change, promote sustainable practices, and enhance the livelihoods of all stakeholders,” said Austine Ndege Director Trade and Markets.

Youth and People with Disability Representatives were included in the electoral process, as a way of ensuring the market’s commitment to diversity and accessibility.

Elsewhere in Busia County, the Chief Officer Department of Education and Industrial Skills Development (ISD), Faustine Ounoi, has urged Vocational Training Managers handling the KCB 2Jiajiri program to be true managers by taking up their responsibilities effectively.

During the verification process of students in the Vocational Centers across the county, the Chief Officer noted that the department will support the managers to make sure the program is successful.

“We need to know challenges, and iron out anything that will hinder the progress of this program which is examinable by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA),” he stated.

He spoke during a meeting that brought together managers to look into how the program is progressing, and verify if the right people are benefiting from the program.

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