Former Senator Billow Kerrow defends KRA over finacial troubles, blames government’s poor spending

Former Senator Billow Kerrow defends KRA over finacial troubles, blames government’s poor spending

By Joshua Cheloti 

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is not to blame for the current cash crunch that the government is facing, former Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has said.

Responding to the headline on Monday’s local daily that indicated KRA was on the spot over the financial situation, Kerrow said the cash crunch is related to the manner in which the government was spending.

He noted that even if KRA was to collect more than it had targeted, the country would still face challenges if the funds are not well managed.

The former Senator who also served as the Senate chairperson of the Finance and Budget Committee further dismissed claims the cash crunch was due to huge debts the government is servicing.

“The cash crunch is a spending issue, not revenue,” said the former Mandera Senator.

“Even if KRA collections were on target, the situation would be the same unless expenditure is managed as Budgeted,” he added.

While responding to concerns that the government was struggling to pay salaries for public servants, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua admitted that it was true.

He however blamed the situation to the retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

The DP accused their predecessors of looting public funds and putting the country in a huge debt home.

“It is true we are having challenges in paying salaries, giving money to governors,” Gachagua said on Sunday.

“Because the handshake gov’t ripped this country, they borrowed money left right and centre. Because we are a responsible government, we have to pay this money,” he added.

But according to Billow Kerrow, loans cannot be an excuse for the cash crunch.

“Loans just didn’t fall due unexpectedly…where is the planning?” he noted in a tweet.

Reports of government struggling to pay salaries have caught the attention of the opposition that recently called for probe into KRA revenue collection.


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