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Government launches National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection

Government launches National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection


Wednesday May 15, 2024

KNA by Sharon Atieno/ Joyce Karanja

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection has launched the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection, with emphasis on helping families mitigate and adapt to the effect of climate change.

First Lady Rachel Ruto, said that family is the bedrock of any society and the compass for human life since it nurtures, protects and teaches humanity, while it also answers the human need for association.

Speaking in Nairobi, Wednesday, during the International Day of Families (IDOF), Mrs. Ruto noted that separation and divorce rates have increased, leaving children suffering even within the family setup.

“In the recent past, domestic violence cases have been on the increase, which can be partly attributed to social economic factors, media, technology, climate change and cultures that undermine the value of family,” said Mrs. Ruto.

She highlighted the need to create awareness and sensitize families on the role they play in the promotion, protection and conservation of the environment with emphasis on human activities, including deforestation and industrialization that have greatly contributed to climate change.

Mrs. Ruto noted that the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection, emphasizes on the role and importance of all stakeholders including faith based organization among others in the wellbeing of the family.

“The vision of the Policy is to chart a path that ensures family happiness; the goal is to provide an environment that facilitates family wellbeing and empower families to participate in the socio economic development of the country,” said Mrs. Ruto.

The First Lady called upon the government, actors, partners and stakeholders, to support the scaling-up of the National Positive Parents program and documentation of the National Policy on Family promotion and protection across all the 47 counties.

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary (CS), Florence Bore, said that IDOF is celebrated annually to acknowledge the importance that the family plays as the firm foundation of human capital development.

She added that the Ministry launched the National Positive Parental Program in 2023 which aims to enhance parents and caregivers’ skills, behaviours, beliefs, practices and attitudes on parenting and strengthen the capacity of families to have a healthy family relationship and promote healthy child development.

“The Program will be delivered through the existing structure of the National Counties, Sub-County and Community levels through the services of our well-trained social development officers, children officers, and child protection volunteers,” she said.

Bore stated that the Program will support parents and caregivers of children of all ages and also be able to provide a set of activities and services aimed at improving how parents approach and execute their parenting role.

She said the Program will leverage on the existing support systems and services available for families at community level including nutrition education provided by the community health promoters among others.

Further, she said that parents have the moral and statutory obligation to take care of children, explaining that the country is transitioning from having Children in Institutions (children homes), to family and community based care through the Care Reform Strategy of 2022-2023.

Courtesy; KNA

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