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Government urged to declare Floods a National Disaster

Government urged to declare Floods a National Disaster


Tuesday April 30, 2024

KNA by Moses Wekesa

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula has called on the National Government to declare current Flooding a National Disaster.

He urged the government to also suspend other projects it is dealing with now concerning development and marshal all efforts to sort out the floods that have led to deaths and displaced many Kenyans.

He also asked President William Ruto to review the performance of some Cabinet Secretaries and if possible re-assign them duties in order to improve on service delivery.

As an example the Deputy Governor said the proposed transiting Civil Servants from Permanent and Pensionable Terms to Contracts and the late Communication from the Ministry of Education on postponement of schools opening dates for second term has led to confusion and portrays the government as indecisive.

He said the process of transiting from Permanent to Contracts will demotivate civil servants and hamper service delivery to Kenyans.

Savula noted that any communication from the government affects them as leaders in the grassroots as they are forced to answer to questions raised by residents who seek support from them.

Savula says transitioning from Permanent and Pensionable terms to contracts will interfere with the pension scheme and the Constitution’s right of life.

“A government is run by motivated public servants. Where will the Savings they have saved under the pension scheme go? A pension is a security to the right of life, after you leave employment you are sustained by that pension,” he noted.

Courtesy; KNA

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