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Governor distributes cheques worth Sh27 Million to boost farmers’ common interest groups

Governor distributes cheques worth Sh27 Million to boost farmers’ common interest groups


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

KNA by Anthony Melly / Agneta Chebet

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has distributed cheques worth Sh27 million to 180 farmers’ Common Interest Groups (CIGs) and marginalised Groups (VMGs) across the county.

Speaking during the launch, Governor Kachapin disclosed that the financial support aims to assist the farmers CIGs and vulnerable marginalised groups in their micro enterprise project initiatives, to unlock their potential for sustainable development, economic growth, and prosperity for both the individuals’ farmers and the community at large.

The Governor revealed that the 180 CIGs and VMGs were selected from the nine wards in the county, with each group receiving Sh3 million.

The wards that benefited from the fund are Alale, Chepareria, Lomut, Kasei, Weiwei, Kapchok, Kiwawa, Riwo, and Masol.

Kachapin disclosed that the funds he allocated were sourced from the Emergency Locust Project, a four-year initiative supported by the World Bank and the National Government through the State Department for Agriculture and Livestock, in partnership with the county government of West Pokot County.

He emphasized that the Emergency Locust Project aims at addressing emergencies like frequent droughts and the locust invasion experienced in 2020 by implementing livelihood restoration and rehabilitation programs in the county.

Further, he commended the Community Driven Committees (CDDCs) and group officials for their dedication to serving the farmers’ groups, but urged residents to effectively manage the allocated funds to ensure the success of community-driven development projects.

Kachapin said the funds would be utilised to procure goat, sheep breeds, and bee hives, for the farmers’ groups and marginalised groups in the community.

He expressed his hopes that the funds allocated to the 9 wards would bring about positive changes.

The Governor recognised agriculture as a key sector in the county’s economy, emphasising its role in livelihoods and economic activities.

He urged farmers to prioritise agriculture due to its numerous benefits for livelihoods and economic growth.

Kachapin assured the residents of West Pokot that agricultural projects have yielded positive results in various wards, setting an example for other counties to follow.

He stressed the importance of value addition for honey to capitalise on the high demand for West Pokot honey and prevent unauthorized branding.

Additionally, he mentioned plans to enhance the Nasukuta abattoir to improve the quality of meat products, thereby boosting the county’s economy.

The Governor also outlined efforts to transform the abattoir into a hub for animal processing, encouraging the community to support the project by maintaining animal husbandry for future development.

He requested the residents of West Pokot to pay a visit to Nasukuta in order to witness the cultivation of grass.

‘‘Grass farming is indeed possible and that it would provide food for animals the county boss noted.Additionally, he mentioned a forthcoming project in the month of December that aims to address the food system in all 20 wards of the county.” He said.

The initiative’s objective is to ensure that each ward has an adequate food supply.

Besides, he stated that a large tree nursery has been established, and free seedlings would be distributed to farmers for cultivation on their farms.

In her part, West Pokot County Chief officer for Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation and Fisheries Ms Naomi Lemreng expressed gratitude to the governor for acknowledging the department and overseeing the successful implementation of all agriculture projects.

‘‘I express my gratitude to the governor for overseeing the ongoing project diligently and ensuring that all projects are executed as planned,’’ Lemreng stated.

She further urged the county to allocate additional resources to the department to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Ms.Lemreng also called for the recruitment of more staff to enhance the delivery of agricultural services to farmers and to facilitate the promotion of existing employees.

Peter Lokor, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) representing Kapchok Ward in Pokot North Sub county, urged the county governor to distribute all allocated tractors from the county agriculture offices to their respective wards.

This move would not only assist farmers in effectively managing the tractors but also streamline farming practices in various areas within the county.

Patrick Lokomol, Chepareria Ward MCA in Pokot North Sub county, expressed his appreciation to the department of agriculture for their efforts in promoting different farming techniques throughout the county.

He acknowledged that initiatives of creating awareness to farmer and capacity building them have significantly improved the lives of households engaged in agriculture activities.

Courtesy; KNA

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