Herman Manyora: Somebody Warn Linet Toto

Herman Manyora: Somebody Warn Linet Toto

By Warris Kimathi

As Kenyans continue to react to the latest matrimonial milestone displayed by young MP Linet ‘toto’ Chepkorir, professor Herman Manyora has words of warning for the beloved Bomet legislature.

According to Professor Manyora, for a  political leader like Linet Toto to bring her love life to the public eye, there is only one way that the story could end.

He points out that probably from the greenness of her career, the young Politician fails to understand that the position she occupies as a representative of Bomet women in Parliament is one that need not be tainted with attention-seeking romantic antics online.

In his view, the image of Toto’s supposed lover kneeling to propose to her is not a bad picture per se, but it dilutes the seriousness and dignity of Toto’s elected office when shared with the wrong audience on Facebook and other platforms of social vanity.

Although Toto has the same right as every woman in Bomet and beyond to enjoy the warmth of a considerate man, the crown she carries dictates restraint, lest she brings disrepute to the office of the Bomet women’s representative.

Further, the seasoned University of Nairobi don sees cautions that overindulgence in “romantic showmanship” might cost Linet Toto her popularity with the people who elected her to Nairobi and consequently see the curtains drop on her budding political career a minute too early.

“The people who elect you to serve as in Parliament watch closely for signs of betrayal, and such antics however innocent may be misinterpreted by the voters, to the detriment of the young MP.” Said Professor Manyora.

Professor Manyora extrapolates that many Kenyan Politicians fail to understand the gravity of their positions whenever they are representing themselves in public.

In his view, those elected among millions to be the voices and faces of various communities and constituencies often lack the realisation that whatever decisions they make will affect Kenyans decades and even centuries into the future.

He believes that if Kenyan Politicians and other public leaders were to live conscious of the public scrutiny cast on them, much of the gimmicks and debacles they stage online would be unheard of.


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