Homabay County: Revenue collection goes cashless

Homabay County: Revenue collection goes cashless

By Peter Ochieng

Revenue collection in Homabay County is now cashless.

The new system which is officially set in motion today is aimed at steadily increasing revenue collection in the Lakeside County, according to Governor Gladys Wanga.

“To increase Homabay County’s revenue collection to aid in rendering better services to our people and instil fiscal discipline, my administration has launched an ambitious cashless plan and tasked our revenue officers to ensure it succeeds,” said Wanga, the only female Governor in Nyanza.

Traders can now pay their taxes via mobile phones using a short code *603# or pay bill number 0434343.

“Let’s build Homabay County using short code *603# or pay bill 0434343,” said the Governor.

When one dial *603#, he/she is greeted with the message, “Welcome to Homabay County. Select a model.”

The models available are street packing, market fees, cess, rentals, license, property rates and invoices, numbered 1-7.

For example if one selects 7, he/she will be directed to enter the license number, while those paying for street parking are required to select daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and annual.

Option one which is daily leads one to select a zone, where all the Sub Counties of Homabay like Ndhiwa and Rachuonyo are listed.

Selecting option 7 which is Rangwe will require one to select buses Sh200, canter Sh200 and inspection which is between Sh30 and Sh50 daily.

Mid-September, Governor Wanga issued a 15-day-tax holiday to traders, to allow the County ample time of conducting a forensic audit of the revenue collection system.

She said the move was occasioned by possible breaches in revenue collection, remittance and management.


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