• May 27, 2024
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House committee recommends formation of North Rift affairs ministry


By Peter Ochieng

Members of the National Assembly’s Cohesion Committee have made proposals aimed at amicably resolving the unending skirmishes in the bandit prone North Rift region.

The committee members on Friday held a session with MPs from the troubled area.

The Kamkunji MP Yussuf Hassan-led Committee and the MPs held extensive deliberations, before reaching an agreement that entails the government having to set up a fund to facilitate compensation for victims of banditry instigated attacks.

The legislatures also want a legislation that will safeguard the National Police Reservists (NPR) unit remodel the unit, define their roles and enhance their training.

In an effort to deal with marginalisation of the region, members resolved that a ministry dedicated to issues of North Rift region, equivalent to the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs of Uganda should be established.

Currently, there is no ministry dedicated to affairs of a certain region in the country.

During the meeting, it was also proposed that fire arms should be regulated through issuing of G3 guns to government security officers, and NPRs to distinguish them from illegal gun owners.

Members further proposed that borders of constituencies and counties be clearly defined, to avoid conflicts due to uncontrolled grazing. The counties in question include Baringo, West Pokot and Turkana.

Members noted that education was key to ending banditry and resolved that the government, should forcefully drive residents into seeking education so as to alleviate illiteracy.

Still in Parliamentary corridors, the National Assembly Committee on Housing, Urban Planning and Public Works held an engagement meeting with officials of the Ministry of Lands, Public Works, Housing and Urban Development to deliberate on issues bedevling the State Department of Public Works.
In a session led by the Committee vice-chairperson, Rindikiri Mugambi, the Buuri MP, members were briefed by the Ministry regarding the mandate of the state department of Public Works; the Board of Registered Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS) and the National Construction Authority (NCA).

“Demonstrate the action plan taken to show that you are concerned with stalled projects and what we need to do?” posed Mugambi.

Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome in response cited a coordination challenge stating that Housing is a mandate of the Counties, where development control is handled through approvals apart from a few that are acceded to by her office.

She called upon members of the Committee to assist in the approval of the comeback of the construction levy which had been waived through an Executive Order and the National Building Code 2024.

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