I will Remain on the Sidelines of Active Kenyan Politics

I will Remain on the Sidelines of Active Kenyan Politics

By: Joseph Owuondo


In the chronicles of history, there are moments when the call of destiny finds its echo within the heart, yet the resolute response is one of restraint.

The terrain of Kenyan politics beckons with its siren song, replete with expectations and ideals that resonate deeply within, but I must affirm my reasons for staying the course of civic restraint.

The following are the rationalizations of this resolution.

To enter the hallowed halls of Kenyan politics is to shoulder the herculean burden of rectifying the sins of the past.

The expectation to rectify the economic and political blunders of those who have tread these paths before is a Sisyphean task.

It is a weight that bends the strongest backs and saps the most profound reserves of resolve. Corruption, ensconced within the very marrow of our society, is a formidable adversary.

The call to dismantle this cultural citadel is a clarion call, but it beckons towards a battlefield strewn with the treacherous mines of power and privilege.

To enter politics is to tempt the seductive embrace of the very corruption one aspires to eradicate. At the heart of my choice for civic restraint is the determination to eschew the tarnished path of nepotism and cronyism.

The temptation to elevate friends and family members to positions of influence, albeit sincere in intention, often proves to be an inescapable quagmire, ensnaring even the most noble of souls.

This path of civic restraint is not a retreat; rather, it is a reconfiguration of the battlefield. I stand on the sidelines, not as an observer devoid of influence, but as an advocate for systemic change.

My commitment to address the issues of corruption, economic stagnation, and civic disengagement remains steadfast. From this vantage point, I pledge to empower, inspire, and collaborate with those on the front lines of political service.

My decision to remain on the periphery is a deliberate one, driven by the desire to foster civic engagement and elevate expectations.

It is through this very engagement that the change we seek shall be actualized. By nurturing an environment in which citizens become the architects of their destiny, I hope to catalyze a transformation that transcends the reach of an individual.

In this collective symphony of civic restraint, the harmony of voices is celebrated. It is not a single melody that shall guide us, but a chorus of diverse perspectives, united in purpose, that shall resound throughout our nation.

Together, we shall overcome the barriers that separate us, standing steadfast in our commitment to illuminate the path of Kenya’s progress.

This commitment to remain on the sidelines of Kenyan politics is not a departure from duty but a testament to a different path—one that aspires to influence change without sacrificing the principles that guide our vision for a better Kenya.

The decision to refrain from pursuing political office is a recognition of the power of civic restraint, a testament to the belief that one can serve their nation through means other than electoral aspirations.

It is a path carved with intention, devotion, and a resolute commitment to seeing Kenya thrive, even as I remain in the shadows of the political stage, working to empower those who tread upon it.

In the grand tapestry of our nation’s destiny, the thread of civic restraint plays its indispensable role, weaving a narrative that transcends the ephemeral allure of political prominence.

Through the future ages, I have chosen to remain an academic, a writer, a scholar, and a researcher in recognition of the profound burdens and temptations that accompany the political arena.

The complex endeavor of rectifying past economic and political errors, combating cultural corruption, and averting nepotism and cronyism, which often pervade the political landscape, has fortified my commitment to an alternative path.

Through academia, writing, scholarship, and research, I endeavor to channel my dedication to addressing these critical issues from a vantage point that allows me to advocate for systemic change, foster civic engagement, and elevate civic expectations while remaining true to the principles and values that guide my vision for a better Kenya.

This path, while distinct from the allure of political prominence, serves as a testament to the power of civic restraint in shaping our nation’s destiny.

Joseph, a US Marine Veteran and a Doctor of Education candidate at the National University, San Diego, California, USA, brings a wealth of knowledge and research interests spanning sustainable innovation, education structures, technology, and organizational management.

He can be reached at jowuondo@gmail.com for inquiries or collaboration.


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