Igembe clergy calls for dialogue between Azimio leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto 

Igembe clergy calls for dialogue between Azimio leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto 


Sunday, March 19, 2023,


By Dickson Mwiti

The clergy from Igembe region in Meru County under the Umbrella; Igembe Pastors’ Network (IPN) has called on the Azimio leader Raila Odinga and President William Ruto to save the country from possible chaos by having a dialogue to enhance peace.

Speaking during a forum held for pastors and their spouses in Antubochiu, Igembe South, the network Chairman Bishop Sammy Mwithalie said the two political leaders should come up with a solution to the ongoing stalemate for the sake of the country’s prosperity.

He said this in reference to the much awaited mass action set for Monday that has been organized by the Azimio leader and his co-principals.

“Let’s not engage ourselves in issues that will lead to bloodshed in the country but instead come up with ways of realizing solutions to problems facing us now and, in the future,” said Bishop Mwithalie.

He added: “We have heard the Azimio leader calling on his followers to go to Statehouse on Monday which we know is not possible and if they insist, it might lead to violence which will of course be meted against the common mwananchi who is across the board. We are therefore calling for soberness in dealing with all the issues that are not pleasing either of the political divides,” said Bishop Mwithalie.

He called on Kenyans to restrict themselves from engaging in the planned mass action adding that it might end up in chaos.

“We are at the moment struggling with the hard economic times in the country; hunger, among other shortcomings and we would not wish to get into other issues that will compromise the peaceful coexistence in the country,” said Bishop Mwithalie.

The group’s coordinator Bishop Julius Gitari called on the Azimio leader whom he termed as the father of democracy to live true to his words in nurturing democracy in the country.

“Let him not kill the democracy that he initiated by making reference to the 2022 general elections which were held democratically. Kenyans exercised their democratic rights and therefore it should be respected rather than calling on Kenyans to go on the street over the same issues,” said Bishop Gitari.

He said politicians should learn to accept political results without inciting their followers into chaos.

“If all those who lost elections start calling for mass action, this country would be in massacre and we don’t want to head in that direction,” said Bishop Gitari.

He called on leaders from all political divides to restrain their followers from engaging into issues that could sink the economic status of the country deeper.

Bishop David Mbogo said no country can prosper without peace and therefore all Kenyans should play their part in ensuring this is realised.

“Peace in the country especially at this time will only be realised if the leaders will consider dropping their egos and be ready for a dialogue,” said Bishop Mbogo.

He said no person could be so insane not to listen to the other in a dialogue and therefore sitting and listening to each other could give us a solution.

“We respect the Azimio leader and we are urging him to consider retaining the same respect by bringing Kenyans together for a dialogue as opposed to engaging in activities that can destroy the little that we have,” said Bishop Mbogo.

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