By Andrew Mirara

Having performed dismally in the 2022 general elections and Former President Uhuru Kenyatta set to retire from active politics, Jubilee party is entering a crucial phase that may likely break it.

Under the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act of 2003, for a Former President to get benefits, he or she must leave active politics six months after general elections.

All indications lead to Uhuru Kenyatta relinquishing his position as Party Leader of the Jubilee Party and Chairman of the Azimio Coalition Council.

Having co-founded Jubilee Party and retaining his leadership after President William Ruto left to form United Democratic Alliance, Uhuru Kenyatta is leaving the party at crossroads.

This has brought about supremacy tussles that are getting louder over the Jubilee Party leadership.


We have elected and nominated Jubilee MPs on one side and Jeremiah Kioni the Secretary General on the other side pulling different directions.

The MPs have been to State House on two occasions and are keen not to stay in the political cold signaling their intention to working with Kenya Kwanza Government.

Jeremiah Kioni cuts out as a lone ranger in pushing Jubilee to remain in Azimio and has been an ever presence in the recent rallies that have been called by Azimio Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga.

Jeremiah Kioni is keen on taking over the leadership of Jubilee now that he was not reelected so as to have a footing in national politics.

He has been quite vocal in bashing the Kenya Kwanza Government stating that they stole the 2022 elections and Raila Odinga had won by garnering 8 million to President William Ruto’s 5.9 million votes.

Jubilee MPs on the other hand are disgruntled about taking orders from quaters that were not elected.

Director of Elections and EALA MP Kanini Kega on a Facebook post while commenting on the recent State House meeting, said that they had forgiven each other and were keen to work with each other now that elections are over for the sake of Kenyans.

In an earlier tweet, the EALA MP had said, “Siasa usiweke kwa ROHO! HE Riggy G the Deputy President Hosted us today and we had a good day discussing development issues.”


It remains to be seen whether the center will hold as far as the former ruling party’s fortunes are concerned.

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