Intrinsic Value of Pets

Intrinsic Value of Pets


Tuesday, March 21, 2023


By Veronica Bosibori

Pets and, especially dog keepers have been advised to ensure the animals are vaccinated and fed with proper nutrition to protect them from increased zoonotic diseases induced by climate change.

The Nakuru Country Veterinary Officer, Dr Onesmous Getui said a majority of dog keepers have not appreciated the intrinsic significance and the psychological values it brings to the owners and family members.

But, he said despite a number of locals keeping dogs, including German Shepherds, his concern was the poor care extended to the animals, and yet appropriate care of vaccination, washing, and clean kennels has the capacity of protecting families from increased zoonotic diseases.

Getui warned families against purchasing puppies that have not been vaccinated twice, first at six to eight weeks, and the final dose at ten weeks.

He added that a puppy without, a card signed by a veterinarian was at a higher risk of spreading diseases.

Also, he said the old tradition of dogs belonging to small boys was the cause of many stray dogs, which not only spread rabies but more zoonotic diseases which are induced by climate change.

However, Getui noted that only families which appreciate the intrinsic value of dogs should keep them, to reduce the danger of roaming, and uncared-for dogs, might expose communities to this dangerous era of climate change.

The Veterinarian added that keeping any pet including dogs should only be for those people who acknowledge the intrinsic worthiness of animals since they recognize and admit that animals’ rights are no longer automatically subordinate to man’s interests.

Furthermore, he noted that food safety measures, hygiene, and the provision of safe drinking water decrease the risk of foodborne and waterborne zoonosis.

Getui said good sanitation and maximum hygiene decrease the risk of infection when interacting with animals, mainly children who like hugging them and protecting the environment around them.


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