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JSS teachers vow to boycott classes come Monday

JSS teachers vow to boycott classes come Monday


Monday, April 29, 2024

KNA by John Kaleke

Junior Secondary School (JSS) teachers in Narok have vowed to boycott classes this coming Monday when schools open if their employer the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) will not honour the court order to make their employment permanent and pensionable.

Led by Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Secretary Narok branch, Charles Ngeno, they pleaded with the TSC to withdraw the case in the Court of Appeal that it lodged against the JSS teachers.

“To the TSC, we tell you to absorb the JSS interns to be on permanent and pensionable terms because the Labour Relations Court order has stated it clearly,” said NgenoNgeno added that KUPPET is just acting as a link between the teachers and the TSC offices and they join hands in solidarity with their fellow JSS teachers who are on internship in the demos.

Seela Kuluo who is the KUPPET Treasurer Narok branch said that the JSS teachers are not happy and that is why they are demotivated.

“A hungry teacher is an angry teacher and that is why they are demotivated even going to class,” said Kuluo.

Kuluo added that the JSS teachers need medical cover, saying these teachers are being admitted in hospital and do not have medical cover, urging the employer to consider their plight.

Kuluo also said that they handed the petition to the Narok TSC director hoping it will be forwarded to the respective authorities and acted upon.

One of the JSS teachers, Vincent Oyungi said teachers have vowed not to attend classes coming Monday if their grievances are not addressed.

“Teachers go through many challenges and the salary of Sh17,000 is not enough for our up keep,” added Oyungi.

The JSS teachers held a peaceful demonstration in Narok town to the TSC offices where they handed their petition to the TSC director.

Courtesy; KNA

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