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Kakamega farmers urged to capitalize on farm subsidy program

Kakamega farmers urged to capitalize on farm subsidy program


Thursday May 16, 2024

KNA by Melechezedeck Ejakait

Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa has appealed to farmers across the county to take advantage of the County Farm Subsidy Program to increase their farm yields Barasa made the appeal during a spot-check tour of farms whose owners benefited from the county subsidized fertilizer at Mwamba village in Lumakanda Ward in Lugari Sub County.

He asked the farmers to ignore falsehoods over the fertilizer being fake, saying those are rumours being perpetrated by his detractors.

The governor said, “We have visited several farms across the county to get firsthand information from farmers who applied the subsidized fertilizer during the planting period.

The feedback is excellent, indicating the fertilizer is okay and it is the only way of fighting food insecurity within Kakamega.

“Let those who have been spreading the fake fertilizer falsehoods also visit the farms and see how the crops are doing well,” he stated, noting that those who queried the fertilizer initially did so in bad faith.

The governor reminded Lugari residents that the sub county is the county’s food basket, hence they should go for the subsidized top dressing fertilizer, which is now available to boost their farm harvests.

He reprimanded a section of elected leaders in Kakamega County for politicking every day, reminding them that the general election is not happening soon.

“Let me remind our elected leaders, who have already started campaigning that the 2027 general election is still very far. We were elected because of development and not to politick every now and then. Those are leaders without a clear agenda for the people of Kakamega,” he stated.

Lumakanda Member of County Assembly Bernard Mulama said the healthy nature of maize crops in the farms has vindicated the county government from the fake fertilizer allegations.

He said those who had initially peddled the lies were hell bent to gain financially from the county government at the expense of farmers.

Mulama asked the national government to partner with the county governments and let them deal with the fertilizer issues now that agriculture is a devolved function.

During the planting period in March the County administration had to fight off fake fertilizer claims that had threatened to derail the County Farm Subsidy Program.

Barasa dismissed the allegations as false and aimed at tarnishing the county’s reputation saying they are being propagated by his detractors.

Courtesy; KNA

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