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Kalonzo to Ruto: Lay bare all facts about Ksh200m private jet

Kalonzo to Ruto: Lay bare all facts about Ksh200m private jet

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has joined other Kenyans in questioning President William Ruto over his decision to hire a private jet for his tour to the United States of America.

Ruto with his delegation were in the US for the better part of last week.

The tour was a first one in the recent years for an African Head of State.

While the state visit came with massive positives for the country, there has been questions over the cost of the travel.

It emerged that the government paid Ksh200 million to an Arabian company that provided a plane used in the visit.

On Sunday, the President said it would cost more had he opted to use the national career – Kenya Airways.

The statement sparked a fresh round of questions over the matter.

Kalonzo, in a post on his verified X handle challenged the President to lay bare all the facts in regards to how much taxpayers money would have been used for hiring a KQ plane for the same work.

“I challenge @WilliamsRuto to lay bare all the facts regarding his recent overseas trip to the US,” Kalonzo said.

“The Sh.200 million used to hire the Dubai private jet vis-à-vis using our National Carrier @KenyaAirways needs further examination,” he added.

Most Kenyans have expressed doubts over Ruto’s claim.

Others argued that it would make more sense for the government to pay even a higher rate using Kenya Airways than paying the money to a foreign country.

Meanwhile, the former Vice President expressed concerns at plans by the state to deploy police officers to Haiti.

He said there is an active court order issued by Justice Chacha Mwita halting the process.

“As a country, we are still paying the heavy price of the August 7, 1998 US Embassy bombings where 213 Kenyans lost their lives. Given our geographical location, Kenyans need to know the security implications of being designated a non- NATO ally,” he added.

Kalonzo said the opposition will continue raising questions whenever the government fails to act within the confines of the law.

“As the government-in-waiting, we will be failing Kenyans if we do not raise these fundamental concerns. We must as a Nation advocate for the truth,” he said.

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