Karen Nyamu to Raila: Go back to the drawing board

Karen Nyamu to Raila: Go back to the drawing board

By Joshua Cheloti

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has challenged opposition leader Raila Odinga to rethink his political moves.

In a tweet on January 24, 2023, Nyamu said plans by the opposition to call for demonstrations and resistance against the government will not bear any fruits.

According to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nominated Senator, Raila and his allies need to read the signs of time and know that President William Ruto will not entertain calls for negotiations.

Karen Nyamu points out that Ruto was against the March 2018 handshake between Raila and retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, hence there is no way he will entertain a similar move this time round.

She is advising the Raila Odinga-led team to go back to the drawing board.

“In politics i have mastered something called reading the signs of the times. And this is where Baba Raila Amollo Odinga and Martha Karua seem to be showcasing cluelessness,” Nyamu said in part of a tweet.

“President Ruto was vehemently against the 2018 handshake and its repercussions Anybody who imagines maandamano will lead to negotiations with the president is deluded. Hampati hata chembe pls go back to the drawing board,” she added.

The nominated Senator was responding to the latest threat by Raila that he does not recognize Ruto as a legitimately elected President.

Addressing a rally at Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi on January 23, 2023, the former Prime Minister also called on Kenyans to reject the Kenya Kwanza government’s policies.

A similar sentiment was reiterated in posts on Raila’s social media pages.

“We, as Azimio reject the 2022 election results. We can’t and won’t recognize the Kenya Kwanza regime and consider the Kenya Kwanza government illegitimate. We don’t recognize Mr. William Ruto as President of Kenya and we equally don’t recognize any officials in office with him,” he posted on his verified Twitter handle.

As part of his anti-government meetings, the opposition has already announced another rally this Sunday.


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