Karua to Ruto over Chebukati murder plot: Are you ready to record a statement?

Karua to Ruto over Chebukati murder plot: Are you ready to record a statement?

By Peter Ochieng

President William Ruto’s claim that there was a plot to abduct and murder former IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati before he declared the results of the presidential contest on August 15th 2022 continues to attract reactions and counter-reactions.

Speaking on Tuesday at State House, Nairobi, Ruto claimed that Chebukati’s life was on the line, just before he declared him the winner of the race to the House on the Hill with 7.1 million votes, against Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s 6.9 million.

Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua who was Odinga’s running mate says Ruto’s allegations cannot hold water, coming six months after the polls. She says if the claims had any iota of truth, Chebukati would have reported to police over threats on his life.

“Why did Chebukati not disclose this to the court during the presidential petition or better still report the matter to the police. Six months into Ruto regime, why has no action been taken if these allegations have any iota of truth?” paused Karua, on Twitter.

The iron Lady as she is known in political circles wondered if the President is ready to record a statement.

“It is irresponsible for a leader to abuse public office to make unsubstantiated allegations against his competition and against public officers junior to him (Cherera four) to the extent of compromising the ongoing tribunal against one of them. Is Ruto ready to record a statement?”

She says her take is that the allegations are carefully designed propaganda, aimed at hoodwinking the public.

Her sentiments came shortly after Jubilee party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni claimed that Odinga won the 2022 race to State House.

Kioni alleged that documents in their possession show that Odinga garnered 8.1 million votes, against Ruto’s less than 6 million.

Jubilee, led by former President Uhuru Kenyatta is among the parties which formed the Azimio political formation.


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