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KDF impersonator arrested in possession of deadly military Arsenals

KDF impersonator arrested in possession of deadly military Arsenals

Friday, 17 May, 2024
McCreadie Andias

Deadly military arsenal including three grenades, a firearm, rounds of ammunition, a sniper ghillie suit (camouflage) among other military gear have been recovered following an operation that unraveled a fake military officer.

The suspect, Koffi Bill Atinda alias Don was arrested Wednesday 15th at Museum Hill during a roadblock where he attempted to obstruct traffic police officers while on official duty by refusing to roll down his car windows for an alcoblow test.

Koffi instead stepped out of the car and identified himself as a KDF captain, pointing at a KDF sticker displayed on the windscreen of his black Toyota Prado but
was Unable to formally identify himself with the requisite certificate of appointment.

When things got heated the suspect sought intervention of a KDF captain on call but the captain distanced himself leaving Koffi in hot soup.

According to the DCI, the suspect had been arrested and arraigned at Milimani law courts for violating traffic rules but upon further digging into his vehicle more exhibits were recovered including 15 fake USD notes, a police pocket phone, a siren fitted in the vehicle, expired Ugandan car insurance, 7 simcard holders, two stamps from different companies among others.

Detectives arrested another suspect who was alleged to be Koffi’s driver, prompting more search into Koffi’s residence which led to the seizure of military camouflage jungle fatigues and more company documents. Several of his social media posts were also found to contain photos of him holding firearms that are yet to be recovered.

Three hand grenades, a Sauer P229 pistol, 12 rounds of ammunition and a firearm certificate were recovered from the second Suspect’s residence with further investigations underway to clarify the certification of the Arsenals.

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