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keeping fit beyond the gym

keeping fit beyond the gym

By Simon Guchu

In an effort to keep fit, Gyms have become popular for structured workouts and their access to training equipment. Adhering to a gym routine is not for the weak,you have to grind and hustle your way to the treadmill. It involves sacrifice and self commitment. I guess this is the reason we always ran into heavily built men with fine structured muscles in those establishments. Traditional gym routines are undoubtedly harsh and ruthless. However in the pursuit of fitness,  gymnast and fitness enthusiasts are now embracing less challenging gym routines in achieving a healthy  lifestyle.

Fitness beyond the gym activities encompasses an extensive choice of activities that are not too harsh and still delivers the same anticipated results. Keeping fit rooted in efforts to challenge sedentary living, promote strength, stamina , movement and overall  physical and psychological well-being.

Gyming activities have been easier and more friendly to persons of all ages. Let’s talk about outdoor activities, it is a whole package of adventure. Outdoor activities revolve around activities like cycling, swimming, hiking, canoeing ,rock climbing and jogging. Ngong hills in Kenya offers a conducive environment for hiking and this does not only arouse physical fitness but also helps our mind to detox and trash out negative vibes and energy. Outdoor activities are with no doubt the best fitness routines, actually the breathtaking sceneries, fresh air, sweet melodies of birds offer not only tranquility of the mind but cardiovascular and mental health too.

 Who doesn’t love swimming? Well, unless you’re scared of drowning or something, swimming offers a full fitness package of strength and flexibility. You should probably take a dive to a river, lake or a swimming pool  or even take  a vacation to Diani to experience refreshing and mind- relieving activities. Outdoor activities are all readily available waiting to be explored.

 At-home workouts are becoming increasingly popular among many households . These are fitness activities that are practiced at the comfort of one’s home. This helps individuals to tailor their workout routines based on their fitness goals. It involves simple but  still convenient equipment like yoga mat, dumbbells and resistance bands to achieve fitness goals. At- home workouts require minimal equipment and schedule constraints are taken care of .

The rise of fitness content creators have impacted heavily on how At-home workouts are practiced. These particular content  creators provide a guide on how various fitness techniques should be carried out to achieve maximum resilience.

Group fitness classes have been formed to achieve fitness goals. They provide a social environment where  participants are motivated to achieve a common goal. Dancing is the most common activity, it does not only offer entertainment luxury but also fitness goals . Karate, judo and taekwondo also offer the same. These classes incorporate a training instructor who ensures that the overall fitness goal is achieved.

 Additionally, walks and rallies have often been  dedicated to keep fit by incorporating racing events at various parts of the country. These efforts are visioned to promote awareness on the importance of living a fit and healthy lifestyle. One of the most underrated fitness activities is performing house chores. Doing house chores plays a crucial role in burning body fats and calories.

Activities like gardening, mowing, and cleaning the house have been proven as some of the simple ways of keeping our bodies dormant. I have seen some people take their pet dog for a walk . This is a chance to refresh the body and also exercise the muscles.

 Sedentary lifestyles have greatly undermined our ability to keep fit. People are no longer interested in walking to work, to the mall or the restaurant. They  prefer taking a cab even to the destination that would be manageable by foot. It is advisable to take at least a 30 minutes walk everyday.

Keeping fit should be perceived as an integral part of our daily life. People should view fitness as an armor to defend against cardiovascular ailments and mental exhaustion. It’s never too late to start keeping fit.

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