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Keiyo South MP tells off netizen questioning his academic papers

Keiyo South MP tells off netizen questioning his academic papers

By Patricia Mollyne Mataga

Keiyo South Member of Parliament Gideon Kimaiyo has come out to respond to an X user who had questioned his academic certificates.

Using the X handle @davidjesse_, the user had claimed the academic records of the MP on his profile on the National Government portal did not add up.

According to the records he shared, the MP serving his first term has among others a Ph.D. in diplomacy and international relations, three masters and a Bachelor in Tourism among others.

“These are the academic credentials of @GideonKimaiyo_ Keiyo South MP, pulled from the parliament website. They look questionable- the timelines don’t reconcile- who completes a PhD in Kenya in exactly four years? Does parliament actually scrutinize the academic papers of MPs?” the X user posted on Thursday, March 14, 2024.

But in his swift response, the legislator commonly referred to as ‘Sonko’ by his constituents said he earned all the papers listed in the Parliament records.

He also pointed out that due process was followed in each of the academic certificates and that he has classmates who are still alive and can confirm that he attended the said classes.

“My friend sorry if you think my papers are questionable. All were earned. I attended classes for all. All my assignments i did. I was supervised. My classmates are alive. My lecturers are alive and they know me in person. You are free to reach them. Hapa nje watu wamesoma,” the legislator said.

The MP graduated with his third master’s from Moi University in December 2023.

During his graduation, he shared the hardships that he faced in his early education and the commitment that he made to get an education to the best of his ability.

He also narrated how he had to seek support from then-powerful MP and Minister the late Nicholas Biwott so that he could be enrolled at Kenya Utalii College.

“Today, I graduated with my initial Masters, Master of Tourism and Management from Moi University to make it 3 masters,” the youthful MP said. “I write this to inspire someone who faces fee problems, that despite the challenges, it is possible. Keep pushing,” he added.

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