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Kenyan Chartered Universities Clock 64 after two latest

Kenyan Chartered Universities Clock 64 after two latest


Thursday, May 2, 2024

KNA by Joseph Kamolo Mutua

President Dr. William Ruto Thursday granted charters to two universities Tangaza University and Management University of Africa during a colourful ceremony at Statehouse Nairobi bringing the total number of accredited universities to 64 in the country.

“Kenya now boasts of 64 chattered universities solidifying our status as a regional hub for higher education,” said President Ruto during the ceremony calling on education stakeholders to continue striving to meet the ever growing demand for higher education with a focus on elevating those at the bottom of the social and economic pyramids to access quality education.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu expressed his gratitude noting that this comes after the recent award of charter to the first online university in Kenya, the Open University.

Machogu said the award of the two charters underscored the President’s support for the advancement of tertiary and university education in the country.

The CS commended President Ruto’s recent introduction of a new funding model for higher education noting that it was through commitment and dedication to the education vision that Kenyan students’ dreams were becoming a reality.

“By fulfilling the stringent requirements, these two institutions have demonstrated their preparedness to nurture scholars Innovate in research and contribute significantly to our nations intellectual and human capital,” said Mr Machogu.

He added that the institutions demonstrated robust governance structure, financial prudence and comprehensive academic programmes.

The award of charter is not just the recognition of academic excellence but also a testament in the relentless pursuit to create opportunities for providing knowledge, research and innovation impacting the education sector and society at large.

Machogu expressed confidence in the two institutions saying they are poised for a transformative future producing skilled professionals thereby fostering a culture of critical thinking, research and innovation, thus impacting the society positively.

During the event, Prof Edward Etengu was installed as the Chancellor of Tangaza University, and Dr Reuben Musyoka Mutiso the Chancellor of the Management University of Africa.

Courtesy; KNA

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