Kenyans committing crimes in China, Italy to face extradition

Kenyans committing crimes in China, Italy to face extradition

By Peter Ochieng 

President William Ruto on Tuesday, March 21st 2023 chaired a Cabinet meeting at State House Nairobi, where various bills and policies were considered.

According to a dispatch from State House, among the issues put into consideration is the extradition of Kenyans who commit crimes in China and Italy to come and face charges back at home.

In case one was already serving a sentence in the aforementioned nations, he or she can be brought back home to execute the final custodial sentence here.

“To promote effective judicial compensation between the Republic of Kenya on one hand and both the people’s Republic of China and the government of Italy on the other hand, Cabinet considered and approved the Extradition Treaties between the Republic of Kenya and the two nations,” reads the dispatch in part.

“As a consequence of the ratification of treaties, Kenyans who run afoul of the law in the two nations can be extradited for purpose of carrying out criminal proceedings or executing final custodial sentence in Kenya and vice versa.”

Additionally, the Cabinet approved the privatization bill, 2023.

“The revised policy shift seeks to revitalize Kenya’s Capital Markets through the review of the framework for state divesture as part of a wider reform process targeting public enterprises,” added the dispatch.

The bill reportedly strips Members of Parliament (MPs) of their oversight role in sale of State-owned parastatals.

The move allegedly seeks to speed up privatisation of public firms without the bureaucratic approval of Parliament.

Besides oversight, MPs over constitutional roles are legislation and representation.

Ruto’s Cabinet also approved the accession of Kenya to the membership of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.


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