Kiambu launches “Maji Nyumbani” programme

Kiambu launches “Maji Nyumbani” programme


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

KNA by Njoki


Kiambu County Governor Kimani Wamatangi has today initiated the “Maji Nyumbani” programme to ensure Kiambu residents have access to clean and sufficient water.

The programme, led by the Department of Water, Environmental, and Natural Resources in collaboration with eight local water companies, aims to provide over 8,000 new water connections, benefiting approximately 15,000 households.

During the programme’s launch, Governor Wamatangi stated, “I am committed to fulfilling our promise of providing reliable water access to the people of Kiambu. Today, we unveil our plan to make this dream a reality. Our administration has already laid more than 100 kilometers of water distribution pipes across the county.”

“To support our ‘water for all’ agenda, we’ve allocated Sh 1 billion to the Water and Environment department. Additionally, we are prepared to handle any challenges that may arise from El Nino,” he assured Kiambu residents.

The distribution network includes strategically positioned water tanks, pumping stations, and pipelines to ensure water reaches even the most remote areas of the county.

At the same time today, the Governor said the county had established a rapid disaster team  which includes members from the County Commissioner’s office, the Fire Department, the Roads Department, and the Department of Water and Sanitation to address potential emergencies during the expected El Nino rains,

“We have set aside Sh 50 million as an emergency fund for the situation.

Jennifer Musyoki, the chief officer responsible for water resources and climate change, expressed gratitude for the Governor’s plans noting that Kiambu’s current water coverage stands at 70 percent surpassing the national average of 60 percent.

However, she added that with the growing population, the demand for water remains high and that the government is working on projects like dams to bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Musyoki highlighted ongoing efforts, including the installation of 70 kilometers of water pipes, the operation of 30 boreholes, and plans to drill an additional 12 boreholes in the coming year.

The department, she added, also aims to increase access through an extensive distribution network covering over 100 kilometers.

“With Governor Wamatangi’s leadership, the department is confident in achieving 100 percent water connectivity within Kiambu County, benefitting schools and other institutions.


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