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Kibuye Market management committee disbanded

Kibuye Market management committee disbanded

By Peter Ochieng

Kisumu City management has taken drastic measures, aimed at restoring order and ensuring smooth operations at Kibuye Market.

Kibuye is among the largest markets in Africa, drawing traders from all Nyanza and Western region counties, and neighbouring counties such as Kenya and Tanzania.  

In a public notice date June 9th, 2024, Kisumu City Manager Michael Abala Wanga said for over a year now, disruptions due to internal conflicts between the market management committee and an opposing faction have been the order of the day at the market.  

“These disputes have resulted in factional fights, political wrangles, and violence, severely impacting the peace and stability of our market,” said Wanga.

The City Manager said after thorough consultations with Kisumu governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, several measures have been put in place to restore sanity at the market.

The measures include disbandment of the current market management. “Effective immediately, the existing market management committee is dissolved. All official positions within the Kibuye market are hereby vacated,” added the City Manager.

In addition, elections that were scheduled for September have been suspended until further notice. He said the suspension will allow for a period of stabilization and reorganization.

The Kisumu City management has also outlawed ‘militia and unauthorized security personnel’ within the market. “All  private security personnel, militias, or any groups masquerading as  security within the market are declared illegal. Individuals found loitering with weapons such as pangas or rungus will be arrested and  prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” warned the City manager.

Further, all  revenue collections, particularly from market toilets, previously  managed by the market committee have been suspended.

The county  government, Abala Wanga said, will assume responsibility for collections within the  next 24 hours to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness of the  facilities.

A six person committee from the city administration has been put in place, and it will take  immediate control of market operations, including revenue collection,  sanitation, and security.

The committee will be in charge of the collection of market and toilet revenue, ensuring regular garbage collection, guaranteeing the availability of electricity and water and providing adequate security.

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