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Kirinyaga Multi-Agency Disaster Response Committee Operationalised

Kirinyaga Multi-Agency Disaster Response Committee Operationalised


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

KNA by Mutai Kipngetich

A joint disaster preparedness and response committee composed of national and county government officials has been formed to coordinate response interventions to deal with floods and other emergencies arising from heavy rains in Kirinyaga County.

The team headed by the Kirinyaga County Commissioner Hussein Allasow and Deputy Governor David Githanda will jointly work together to respond to any emergency issue arising from floods and mobilise resources from both levels of government.

Allasow said the flood situation in Kirinyaga is now under control, and both the County and National governments have supplied flood victims with food and other relief supplies to ensure no one suffers from hunger.

The County Commissioner advised motorists not to drive through flooded areas and those living near waterways to avoid crossing swollen rivers.

“We have managed the situation and we are urging our people to be on high alert because we have been told by the weatherman that the rains might continue,” he said.

He said most schools are safe and ready for re-opening on Monday except for one whose condition is being monitored.

Residents of areas affected by the floods said interventions being undertaken by the county government have helped in redirecting flood water back into the rivers and other water catchment areas.

The County Government has deployed additional machinery and manpower to drain water from areas marooned by floods.

The areas prone to flooding, mudslides and landslides are: Tebere, Thiba, Wamumu, Gathigiriri, Mutithi, Kariti, Kangai and Nyangati wards.

The machinery which includes excavators, backhoes and trucks are being used to clear soils and debris that have blocked drainage trenches and culverts.

Deputy Governor Githanda said the committee had agreed on measures to be undertaken to safeguard lives of people and properties including evacuation of people from flood and landslide prone areas.

However, it was identified that the floods are being caused by people who have built on riparian land and others who are blocking drainage systems.

Jared Migwi, the County Executive Committee Member for Transport, Roads, Public Works and Housing, who visited some of the flooded areas said the flood situation is being addressed by creating alternative routes for water to flow from homes.

Courtesy; KNA

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