Kisii clergy fault Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBTQ

Kisii clergy fault Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBTQ

Kisii, Wednesday, March 1, 2023


By Martin Muli/Mercy Osongo


A section of church leaders from the Anglican Church of Kenya in Kisii have condemned the Supreme Court of Kenya over its ruling on the right of association of LGBTQ.

Speaking to the media in Kisii town, the clergymen led by Reverend Evans Onduso said the Constitution of Kenya states that homosexuality is illegal, and granting the freedom of association to LGBTQ communities will provide an avenue to influence and contaminate the community’s moral behaviour.

Reverend Onduso noted that the church leadership is endowed with the power and mandate to protect vulnerable and less-privileged citizens from exposure to vices related to LGBTQ.

He said the court is not the custodian of morality, but rather the church which is the custodian of God’s ordained institution that guides societal morals and actions.

The clergyman pointed out that they would not allow the sanctioning of the freedom of association for LGBTQ nor do they recognize the legitimacy of such unions.

Rev. Onduso urged the government not to allow external forces trying to sneak immoral behaviours from other countries into Kenya saying they would alter the morality of future generations.

In addition, he told the National Assembly and the Senate to appeal the ruling on LGBTQ saying that failure to do so would see them mobilize the churches countrywide for mass action.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Kenya ruled that the decision of the NGO Board to bar homosexuals from forming recognized groups is discriminatory and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer persons (LGBTQ) have a right of association.

The court noted that it would be unconstitutional to limit the right to associate through denial of registration of an association purely based on the sexual orientation of the applicants.

Courtesy K.N.A 


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